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Greetings from our Principal and Vice Principal

Principal Masami Hiraoka

Principal Masami Hiraoka Our school philosophy is nurturing an ideal person who works diligently to be one who will observe rules in compliance with the trinity of spirits: "Toku(Virtue)", "Ken(Health)", "Zai(Wealth)". According to our educational policy, we focus on religious education centering on "Buddhism" and try to nurture students who can aspire to be the best in Japan and perhaps in the world as well. In addition to acquiring academic skills, we adopt "religion" as a required subject, and have our students recite the Heart Sutra at every morning assembly with the wish that they perpetuate traditional Japanese values, such as respecting their parents and ancestors. Our hope is that the students will practice a way of life through which they can find happiness by making great efforts. Our wish is to nurture a person who is reliable, respected and trustworthy through our education and who can be considered a highly valued member of society.

Vice Principal Tadashi Hiraoka

Vice Principal Tadashi Hiraoka In 2013, a new chapter in our history was established. Our academy celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation, and our new school buildings were completed. Many of our students have been making great efforts to successfully enter the very best universities, and therefore, our reputation as an advanced co-educational school is increasing. We think it is very important to provide our students with the opportunities to share ideas from both male and female perspectives and to figure out the ways for realizing their dreams. In addition, we believe that we have to train our students to continuously make great efforts to be a leader in each field they have chosen. We are also convinced that it is very important to face every student sincerely, discussing their dreams and that we have to expand each student's abilities.

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