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Greetings from our Borad chairman and Principal

Board chairman and President Masami Hiraoka

Board chairman and President Masami Hiraoka The Founding Spirit is the Foundation of Education

Thanks to the efforts of our graduates, students who have left our school are playing an active role in various fields. This is due not only to their academic achievements, but also to the school's founding spirit, which was established by our school father, Touhou Hiraoka, to nurture people who are "Toku(Virtue)", "Ken(Health)" and "Zai(Wealth)", who follow rules and serve the world, and the daily education that follows this spirit.
By maintaining this spirit, the knowledge and thoughts acquired at school and in society will also move in the right direction. We will continue to value these pillars of education as we nurture a new generation of human resources who will contribute to mankind.

Principal Tadashi Hiraoka

Principal and Managing director Tadashi Hiraoka New Knowledge in an Old Leather Bag

It has been more than half a century since Seifu Nankai Gakuen was founded, and the number of graduates has exceeded 10,000. During this time, thanks to the efforts of the faculty, staff, and students, the school has produced outstanding college results, and both the junior high school and high school entrance examinations are solidifying its position as a school for advancement.
The most important aspect of Seifu Nankai Gakuen's education has been religious education centered on Buddhism. Every morning, we recite the Heart Sutra and make "Religion" a compulsory subject, and we cherish our ancestors and parents. By doing so, it is our universal goal over the past, present, and future to cherish the traditional Japanese mind, to follow the rules of the world, and to raise our children to be secure, respectful, and trustworthy individuals.
Along with this, what is important is the need for change to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the world. First of all, many of our students aim to enter difficult national universities. Of course, a university with a high deviation score is not the only good university, but the choice of university and department is directly related to one's future career and way of life. In this sense, we will continue to try to guarantee students a career path that meets their wishes from a broad perspective, including overseas universities.
Next, diversity is important. The world will become increasingly globalized in the future, and people from societies we have never known may have to live together with us tomorrow. For this reason, we will make various efforts to promote international mutual understanding, such as the Global Exploration Seminar, expanding partnerships with sister schools overseas, and holding international symposiums to which students from various countries are invited.
Third is innovation (the latest technology). The educational environment is changing dramatically with the introduction of new educational equipment, not just the old face-to-face classes between teachers and students. We have also introduced tablet PCs, electronic blackboards, and an Internet environment. In addition, we have prepared a program that encourages each student to think about the future of "knowledge" through a variety of activities, such as visits to JAXA and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, collaboration with cutting-edge companies, and visits to university laboratories.
As the old saying goes, "Put new wine in an old leather bag." While respecting the old traditions, we will incorporate new knowledge and anticipate the next 100 years, and together with our faculty and staff, we hope to nurture human resources who can take on the future of Japan and the world.

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