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Six-year education System

Our school started in 1963, and at that time we had no junior high school. However, when we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 1983, our junior high school was founded. Since then, we have practiced unique curriculum that combines 3 years of junior high school and 3 years of senior high school. The high quality of our educational content and the efficiency of our teaching methods creates our environment that can enable our students to comfortably pass the very best universities directly after graduation.

Co-education System

When our school started in 1963, it was a boys' school. However, 36 years later, in 1999, our junior high school became a co-educational school in accordance with the changes of the needs of society, and our senior high school in 2002.


We have 7 fifty-minute classes on weekdays and 4 classes on Saturdays, which means we have 39 classes a week. We value our classes very much and our teachers give our students lessons carefully planned according to the school curricula where they can improve their ability to think logically and critically. We also think highly of each student's individuality and autonomy, which eventually leads them to acquire wonderful creativity as well as academic skills. We provide our students with various learning opportunities, such as seminars held after school.

Improvement of Education Using ICT

With the evolution of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), we have become able to communicate freely with people all over the world by SNS (Social Network Service). Society and our lives are steadily changing.
In our school, in response to such a change in the times, the faculty and staff are working together on educational reform. In the classes, we have introduced tablets for senior high school students and supplementary digital learning materials with video and audio. We also have set up electronic blackboards in all the classrooms and have introduced the class support software "Classi" and "Mirai School Station." We are making efforts to instruct students so that they can play active parts in our evolving information-based society by helping them to acquire the ability to use information and to be always aware of information ethics. We also encourage them to think for themselves, make judgements by themselves and express their ideas and opinions in their own ways.

Thorough Life Guidance

We practice rigorous training to nurture our students to be future leaders. We encourage them to lead a well-balanced school life where they place significance on knowledge and virtue, so that they can make continuous efforts to overcome any challenges they face in a graceful manner. In addition to this, homeroom teachers take very good care of the students and teach them the importance of respecting each other, which we believe makes the very basis of learning.

Various School Events and Programs

We will cultivate a wide range of human nature and leadership, and motivate the students to study and care about learning opportunities different from everyday classroom activities. Through various school events and programs, students can stimulate their intellectual curiosity by looking, feeling and experiencing situations by themselves. It helps to foster necessary leadership skills, such as willingness to cooperate, the ability to understand others' situations and a volunteer spirit, as well as training the mind and body.

Systematic Approach to Entering Universities

Based on the vast amount of data we have on university entrance examination results, we provide career guidance for the students. We have enough class hours for improving academic skills aimed at passing the top national university entrance examinations on the first attempt.
*In year 11(the 2nd year of senior high school), each student selects either a social studies course or a science course, and is given a detailed guidance that meets the need of each student.
*By analyzing the results of periodic examinations, proficiency tests, and trial tests, each student can be given individual guidance.
*A variety of supplementary classes are available, satisfying each student's academic need, not only during vacation period but also after normal classes.

Learning thorough Work Experience (for junior high school students)

In a 1,000 square meter field in the school, we allow our students to experience the preciousness of work and the joy of growing vegetables through agricultural work. In addition, we help them realize how important life is through this work experience.

Enhancement of Internationality

Language proficiency and internationalization are becoming more and more necessary now, and we want our students to play an active part in contributing to the betterment of the world.
That is why our school has been working on creating international educational lives. Starting from our sister school exchange student partnership with "Brisbane Grammar School" in Australia in April 1983, we have been making strong efforts to be a part of such international exchange programs.
In our junior high school, we conduct overseas study trips to New Zealand. By touching different cultures, cultivating international awareness, and using English in practice, our students grow in confidence in participating in everyday English conversations.
In addition, we are setting up an overseas study program for junior high school and senior high school students who wish to study abroad to help them cultivate a sense of internationalization.
Meanwhile, we will improve our students' English conversational skills in classes conducted by our native English teachers.

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